Establishing the vision of Genome Studios would be deeply difficult for one person to do with one singular project. Furthermore, there are many ways one can profit and thrive that just cannot adhere to that core philosophy of creative autonomy, communal growth and more. We don’t want to stomp down those around us, and we would like to think you do not either.

Moving from this more nurturing idea of how to act as an entity we feel the best way for Genome Studios, and therefore ourselves, is to start rallying together with any number of other artists/creators who see the value and merit in this vision and feel that they can both benefit and contribute to the thriving network of creatives and studios that makes Genome Studios the influential creative power that we all dream to be a part of.



Because Genome Studios is in its infancy this area of this concept will be the most impactful for early adopters. As a community of creatives we can collaborate in building each other up. This is not to suggest that you or anyone else will be expected to work for another project. What this does entail is taking part in community discussion. Add your voice and critique based on the skills that you and your studio have developed in the lifetime of your projects. This can involve critique of writing, comedy, characters, and delivery. It can involve self promotion, branding, outreach platforms. It can involve visual or audio criticisms and feedback. Anything that you can contribute will boost the success of others in the Genome Studios community and in return you will be able to tap into that collective knowledge pool as well.

Not only can you share knowledge with each other but you can also begin to build each other up. Being able to call out for assistance accomplishing a task, to look for anyone interested in taking part in your project. Anything that can be accomplished with some outside help would be up for discussion. We don’t just want to succeed ourselves, we want to thrive with other freely thriving creatives!



There is a discord community for Genome Studios which will serve as a closed environment to discuss and strategize between other Genome contributors.

Involving various creators from different parts of the world allows us to share experiences gained in different environments and markets.

Having contact with these individuals and studios will also allow you access to the networks and connections that they have gained throughout their independent pursuit of success.

You can be directed to voice actors, translators, be connected to someone who will serve as a huge asset to your projects. Hopefully you too will be able to contribute to this exchange of connections.

We will also be striving to make collective pushes towards goals. One that will be done annually is arranging teams to attend conventions. As we can’t be all over the world at any one time, but we can collaborate on giving team members the items and resources necessary to represent Genome Studios in their major local conventions on our collective behalf.


Genome Services

Genome Studios will also be contributing to the value and benefit of the community. Firstly, it will promote and post updates regularly on all Genome Projects (that means you!) we will try to build a homogeneous and effective brand and promotional strategy to boost the viewership and cross viewership between projects.

As Genome Studios begins to grow and turn a profit, a slew of new services will be created to further empower all the studios involved with Genome Studios. As part of the strategy of Genome Studios we wish to make our site capable of hosting all the content and work of your projects.

This would include a range of sub features:
A project page. As is available in a simple form on the site already, every Genome Project would get its own project page. This would house all the various information about the project. It would include income and expense statistics, views, updates and media posted to the project.

The Genome Viewer. If you’re a webcomic artist, a cartoon animator, a live action director, this will be one of the better features. We will build an intuitive and efficient viewer that will properly organize and present your work. Should you chose to present your work in seasons, chapters, collections, or whatever else, the viewer will line up and make accessible your work in an orderly and effective way.

Lastly, if you have a series, or multimedia project that can’t simply be presented in a viewer, we will collaborate and work with you to create a website to house your content. Functionally what can be posted through the website will still be available on the Viewer, however, with the custom site we will draw that same content and present it in a strong way to build your projects brand and presentation.


Get Involved

We want to support and grow with you! However, there’s only so much content, communication and collaboration we can handle at one point so please understand that we cannot take on everyone who may apply.

Please get in contact with Gaian Helmers and let’s start talking. The best way to know if you have the work that will work with us is to just get sharing.