The Genome

Passion is what drives Gaian forward in all his pursuits. The sensation that comes from imagining a joke, or a plot, a character, or any idea for that matter is intoxicating. It lights a fire in the heart and in some cases ignites someone enough for them to step into the real world and sculpt that idea into reality. The compulsion to feel something and create it for others to experience is something Gaian finds to be an incredible virtue. It is something that has driven humanity forward against all odds. It is something that needs to be celebrated and supported. It is the core of Genome Studios’ vision. It is the genome of the true creative. To see no other option than to create, whether or not it is successful, because to create is what we’re here for.

So how then, can we seek this path out? That we can truly be what we’re born to do? It is a struggle that is so hard to trump, as to enable ourselves to seek out this creation we must compromise in creating to instead feed and shelter ourselves.

Gaian, to seek to overcome this challenge for himself and to alleviate the burden in others, created Genome Studios to solve this very challenge.



One of the greatest conflicts to the creative is between business and creativity. In the short term, creativity is often a liability to revenue. And as such, most businesses stifle creativity for conservative mainstream appeal. This to us is a betrayal of creativity and our creative expression. It tarnishes and muddies the idea that sparked the fire that drove a creator to seek more than just a menial job.

Because of this reality in the business world we seek alternate ways of viewing and approaching things. We want the independence to control our artistic vision to be able to express that unique world we see inside. We believe that when this idea is fostered and committed to, a loyal and strong audience will form who resonate with the notion that not every piece of work has to be the most successful work, it simply needs to be creative, explorative, expressive and come from that core of passion.

Being involved with Genome Studios, in whatever way that may be, will be to stand stalwart in favour of that notion. Creative independence must be preserved at all cost.


Collective Prosperity

There is no reason to quash other creators, the success of that core vision, be it in our own actions or that of others is what we want to foster and create in Genome Studios.

By joining in Genome Studios journey from infancy, to world force you’ll be contributing to a system built to bring prosperity to all involved. For our audience will come interesting, strong, passionate work that is meant specifically for their enjoying pleasure. For our team mates we will bring them as much security and nurturing as we can to allow them to apply all their strength into the work that drives them. By working with our Curated Studios we hope to bring their work into the strongest light yet and hopefully through that their success will bleed into the rest of the Genome Studios projects. Every lesson learned through collaborating and boosting each other will be applied to the next project, the next recruits, and the next goals we strive for.

If Genome Studios is gaining profits at the expense of its developers health, happiness, and passion for being a part of this collective then there is something wrong that must be fixed at all costs. A modest thriving life is far greater than a live founded on the backs of over worked, disenfranchised, unhealthy contributors.



With the collective drive of everyone involved in Genome Studios, its fans, and its creators we will build to new levels that no single one of us would be able to meet alone. It will allow us to explore things that no single one of us can. With the increasing success of Genome Studios its projects can expand to have more staff, use better tools and equipment, have better budgets to properly support its creators. Furthermore, Genome Studios services and capabilities can expand further too. Building up specialized departments, promotional force, healthcare plans, and a more functional online platform for the benefit of all the Genome Projects.



With a little hope, and the faith of those who see the potential in this business we can create all the opportunities we speak of and more. There’s no greater feeling than seeing a group of people nourished, happy, secure, and inspired and ready to share that with all those around them. We hope that you can believe that this is possible and take part in helping us realize this vision. It is large, it is ambitious, it will take a lifetime to realize. But ultimately, it’s a vision that rings true to us and others. It is something worth dedicating to.


We look forward to seeing you come along.