The Genome Studios site is an infant platform for bringing content creators to a growing audience. With an ever improving layout and range of features it will enable for users to explore and discover new creators as well as access new content from their favourite creators with ease.



The Genome Studios site is a core of functionality that spans not only itself but through the Genome User Accounts, database access, and tools also expands into all the child sites of the projects.

In its current state the Genome Studios website is simply meant to be a mockup of the visual brand of GS, using a neutral and sophisticated base to allow for the colour in the visual presentation of the projects themselves to come out. Furthermore, with its neutral tone it allows for adaptation of its signature icon/logo “the Gelix” without loss of brand recognition.

Additional concepts have been explored such as the project pages, one of the more critical features of the Genome platform. The Project pages are meant to be a behind the scenes glimpse into the details of a project. It is meant to show media, meta data, and news as well as display details on the investment of the project by its creators. This is supposed to stimulate audience support, as they can see clear as day the effort put into the project and its pay off thus far.

Lastly, there needs to be a smoothly functioning media viewer for the site. This is a yet unexplored feature however it is critical to the future success of the site.



The market for the Genome Studios site is harder to quantify than other projects as its userbase is directly related to the markets of the content based projects.

The markets for the Genome site are divided between 2 core bases. An audience base and a creator base.

The Audience Market

This market is a group of people who are excited to ingest the content of their favorite creator, the creator who’s Genome Project drew the audience member to the main site. That being said, they are someone who is not resistant to breaching past links to see what’s on the other side. They have a passion for creative work that is explorative, and adventurous in its presentation. They want to support independent artists and are open to discovering new work.

They likely ingest comedic work in the form of tv shows, movies, comics and books. They are receptive to artwork that isn’t the standard “beautifully rendered” look that is widely popular on art sites. They don’t take offense to challenging topics, more gritty visuals, sexuality, or violence. They are likely young to early adults between the age of 18-40.

The Creator Market

The creator market is easier to quantify. They are early starting independent or small team artists with a passion project that they are pursuing. They don’t have a well established support network and have a smaller sized audience base. They are more passionate about their work than seeking out profits at all cost. They are interested in receiving feedback, mentorship, and collaboration from other creators. They believe the work they are doing has merit.

They want to take part in something that will not only yield benefits for themselves but have collective success among their peers.

They are likely early adults 23-30. Their work is likely animated, or comics. However, there’s nothing to say it can’t be live action. The tone of their work is adult comedy or adult drama.

Ultimately the Creator that comes to us will be an underdog that believes they can build into a successful creator with persistence and hard work.


Moving Forward

Future goals for the Genome site platform will be to refine the navigation, presentation, and intuitiveness of the site itself. The home page needs to better frame a range of information on all projects, as currently it consumes a great deal of space while displaying very little information.

Mobile functionality of the site needs to be expanded on. While the base of the site has adaptive sizing, much of the theme has static sizes, margins, and text which breaks down the site on mobile screens.

The Project functionality is still deep within its infancy. Once this can be expanded upon, a great deal of gains can be reached with the site platform.
The Project page itself needs to be more versatile for a range of different media types, and be easier for creators to update and edit. The metrics of investment and earnings could be more expressive with charts and other stats that compliment the cause of the creator.
Furthermore, the media viewer would be the presentation side of the Project Page. While the project page would be aimed to display metrics and info, the viewer would have the sole purpose of making the content instantly accessible, filtering out all side information like news posts and links, allowing the user to easily navigate through the content of a project and lastly, without force, allow users to easily come across content from other creators and work their way through that, as they would their favorite creators.


Risks & Benefit

Being at the core of all other Genome Projects this platform would radiate its benefits throughout the future of Genome Studios and its creators. As the functionality expands more and more users will be retained due to the ease of use and the better access to content.

The content creators hosted on the site and project sites will have a more versatile platform to display their media and will have more trust and solidarity with the platform when it becomes more clearly beneficial to them to support it.

The cost of truly reaching the desired level of refinement, at least to just breach into the realm where the functionality and services are all implemented and show off their potential will be quite high. The two avenues that can be pursued are through time investment, as in, Gaian allots the time and energy to learn and improve himself to properly design and implement the broad range of features. And through financial injection, which is to hire an outside developer to create the foundation of the website.

One of the greatest challenges for deciding when and how to invest in this project is how far established the Genome Projects are. It is a very intangible thing to gauge and makes for a tough decision. Will boosting the platform early on yield a greater reception from new users and therefore further build up the projects to a more satisfactory level? Or should the website platform be delayed in favour of prioritizing the further development and expansion of the projects so that in the future the cost of expanding the platform will be easier to justify?


Decided Course of Action

For now, the expansion of the Genome Site Platform needs to be delayed. Unless a low cost opportunity to access a developer opens up, Gaian does not have the proper amount of time needed to develop the site correctly. Neither Genome Studios, nor its creators have enough steady income to justify a financial injection into the project.

Gaian has the intention to prototype and explore a viewer, as that is currently the one feature as of yet unexplored in the broad vision of the Genome Site Platform.

This project should be aimed for as one of the first priorities when a steady inflow of income becomes available for Genome Studios projects. It will benefit the broadest range of contributors to Genome Studios and will solidify the professional brand needed to have a broader marketability to outside users and businesses.



While the Genome Site Platform has incredible potential, that same level of potential is met by an equal level of expense. Genome Studios is not yet established enough to warrant a high tier upgrade to its features and services. Postpone until steady income is available.