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Genome Studios


Genome Studios was founded in September of 2010 by Gaian Helmers. He wanted his own business to grant him the freedom to play and explore his various passions in production. At the time he had the naive dream that at the age of 18 he would be a world renowned video game creator.

Gaian eventually started operating a game start up with a friend, took a debt and began work on a project that was hugely beyond their scope. After 7 months the goliath they had decided to undertake became apparent to them and they dissolved.

Regardless of the crushing failure that had come Gaian strove further into his lifelong career. While he was intending to get a video game out of his project what he actually got was the lesson about being ambitious beyond his means. Moving forward he would seek to realize the vision he's always had for Genome Studios but with a clearer sense of how to do it.


Genome Studios has always been intended to be a bastion for creatives. It is meant to focus on gathering an audience to passionate creators of any discipline who want to contribute and take part in Genome Studios. The idea is that a creators success becomes collective success that would enable creators to continue to pursue their passions.

With a unified user account and media platform being developed into the core system of Genome Studios creators will be able to collaborate and develop ideas that can stand on their own, be amplified with user engagement, and/or cross over into any number of other projects being worked on.

Hopefully with enough passion and enough drive to make great work everyone at Genome Studios will be able to prosper.


Our mission is to provide completely free entertainment and media to anyone and everyone who is interested in our work. Without ads crowding your experience.

We believe that art and media drives culture and everyone deserves to have access to that. We will not block our content behind a paywall or membership. Our work will always be free for all.

Please stand by us in realizing this by contributing to our projects, buying merch or just sharing our work. We are, and will be, a business completely at the hands of the audience.

With your help we will continue to be able to improve and grow and always give you the best we can produce! We love what we do!

Into the Future

We plan to refine and improve the Genome Studios site platform to better display and offer our content to the users.

From there we hope to be building an audience for the various projects we have going on to bring in income that will allow us to reinvest into the company. First by hiring others to develop our projects then by creating a platform in which we can offer healthcare and stable salaries to our contributors.

Far into the future we dream to be able to get a building that will allow us to do the best work we can, offer office space for hobbyist and up and comer developers, teach students and anything else we can muster from it.

Likewise, we would like to have enough financial stability to be able to further develop our projects but also to offer scholarships and support people passionate about creative work.

These are huge goals to meet but perhaps with your help and a little luck we will all be able to realize this together.