Classic Survival Horror inspired.

Based on a dream.

Join Casey and her class during a layover at the prestigious “Del Lago Hotel”. Drift through a surreal dreamlike horror as the night evolves into something far worse than a nightmare.

This is a complete and released demo/proof for a full scale project. Enjoy the brief and teasing introduction into the Del Lago Layover world.

Looking upon the Del Lago entry threshold sign

On Layover

Casey is a troubled kid, resistant to the throes of her youth and abandoned by her peers. Now on layover at the Del Lago Hotel during a class trip, her world and her class are thrown deep into chaos.

Tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Touch on the story of an unfair world.

Del Lago is more than it seems. With it comes deep insight and truth, but can our characters even bear to see?

What after?

Button Input information for Del Lago Layover

Text Guide

1) Exit the bus and make your way to the back where the 3 kids are gathered.

You can optionally talk to Mr.Parker, try to leave the bounds of the level, try to go onto the balcony, and find some memos around.

2) After talking to the popular kids, make your way to the balcony through the newly changed Lounge.

On your way, there will be a pile of money on the reception desk that you weren’t originally able to access. As well as a memo.

Give the bully the money.

Arrive at the Balcony for a cutscene.

3) Investigate outside for an optional scene.

There’s a memo south from the balcony door.

Follow the trail of blood to the rest of the class and continue onward.

4) Escape the monster in the hall and you’ve completed Lobby Del Lago

UI Navigation is “jumping” past options

If your UI navigation is “double” clicking on any particular window. It may be because you have 2 gamepad programs running on your one controller. This can be because of DS5 Tool in combination with Steam.

1.5 Months to Build
Building Del Lago allowed the creation of the GS_Play Framework Base.
Released January 25, 2023
500MB Install
30 Min Playtime


Created by: Gaian Helmers


A* Pathfinding Project
Catlike Coding Character Controller
Dialogue System for Unity
Nature Manufacture RAM 2019
Office and Police Station
Tir Games – Gentlemans Club
Unity 2021.3.14f1


Soundtrack thanks to

Special Thanks to
Ben YJ Hung (custom foley/sfx)

Public Domain SFX –

+147242__qubodup__car-engine-loop –
652437__1josh173__bloody-curtailing-scream –
453980__kyles__elevator-bell-dings-closeup-nice –
Gun Cocking –
Shotgun Cocking –
Flashlight flick –
Glass.ogg –
Crash –
Handgun_Shot –
Strong wind directly on a microphone –
Wet Impact –
Hand Saw Sawing Wood –
Splattt –
Massive Drop –
Crowd in church –

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