A Survival Souls-like dungeon crawler. Inspired by Rogue, Breath of the Wild, and Dark Fantasy RPG’s.

In Active Development – Alpha Testing: Seeking Testers! Share your experiences, bugs, and anything else to bring out the true potential of this project!

A Survival Adventure Crawler set in a Tribal Era Dream. Trek through nightmares as you hunt, gather, and fight to escape to the waking world. Your people need you.

Survive Off the Resources of the Land
Traverse Random Dungeons
Use Items to Manipulate the World to Your Needs
Fulfil Your Duty

Awoken into a Dream

The old stories tell us that, when our land is threatened, a Guardian is born to defend our people. But the ravages of a deep corruption has doomed our world, rendering the lives of our people ceaseless and twisted by madness. Worse, our Guardian has yet to wake, caught in a curious dream by an unknown force.

Fulfill your sacred duty in the dream and soothe the tormented minds of your Kin. Help them break free of this dream and be born to the world you’ve been created to defend. The task is perilous, but fear not: if you should fail, you will return to your sleep and another Guardian will rise to take your place.

Delve into Randomly Generated Nightmares

The Labs, The Armoury, and The Hunting Grounds: All sacred places for your people now made manifest with corruption and mired in the nightmares of your Kin. These once-sacred places now lay twisted and distorted—and grow ever more vast and winding as the corruption spreads.

Dive into the Darkness

As your Guardian survives, the agony of ages, the pain of combat, and the grief of death and loss builds upon you. This agony builds in your spirit, eroding your life force and twisting the world around you into a darker, more hostile place. Only in that darkness will you find the truths of this place and the means to break free.

The world around you is shifting and changing constantly. Days, nights, moon cycles, agony, and progress all play towards a varied and evolving landscape. Do not only rely on your memory, for memory is unfaithful in a dream.

Escape from Mother’s Dream

Peel away the veil as you explore the deep facets of Mother’s Dream and face the painful truth of Her and your people.

Encounter characters drifting through the dream, hear their stories, stand along side them as you grow to understand the pleas of their hearts and the responsibilities you all share for your people. The Guardian is not the only one burdened by their birthright.


Prototype Footage. Gameplay and quality will be steadily improving.

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