Awaken, Guardian. Become Legendary

Every hundred years or so a guardian is born to this twisted and corrupted world. Tasked with facing unbridled evils, traversing vast natural landscapes, delving into the deepest most vacuous dungeons. All to secure and nourish our village, Nika Garden, the birthplace of all Vorku people. The guardian is our champion, carving out their story with tooth and nail, blood and death. Now is the time for your story.

Awaken, Guardian. Become Legendary.

Survive Off the Resources of the Land
Traverse Random Dungeons
Face Dark and Twisted Monsters
Shape Your Legend


The significance of one life means everything.

All life lived in the Awaken, Guardian world is sacred. Death is permanent. Death is a blessing. For the temptation of Immortality draws strong and has twisted every soul, no matter how strong, into a dark and evil being. Live as long as you can, cleanse the land of evil, and leave the world open and changed for the next Guardian to succeed you.

Procedural Generation

A little chaos never hurt.

Many aspects of the Awaken, Guardian world shift and churn between playthroughs. Dungeons randomly generate to make for tense dangerous crawls. Points of Interest all over the world change positions between the lifetimes of your Guardians. Resources and Treasures dot the map in unexpected ways, always keeping you on your toes.

Unearth the Mysteries of the Land

Shape your legend.

Reveal the story and legends of this world throughout the eras as you spend lifetimes and Guardians to shape the world for the better. Some stories only unfurl as the next Guardian arises to continue where the last left off. The actions you take in your life as a Guardian shape you and your Legend, increasing skills and generating your legend based on metrics tracked in your gameplay.


Prototype Footage. Gameplay and quality will be steadily improving.

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