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Genome Studios


A comprehensive critique, analysis, and detailing of current and future goals by Genome Studios Inc.


Genome Studios was incorporated in 2010 by Gaian Helmers as a passionate gesture to one day build a business that puts creation, passion, and collaboration at the forefront of it's business strategies and intent. Passion and creativity, to him, is what makes up the core of creative media. Therefore, the name Genome was selected to embody that vision.


Within this document you'll find detailed analisies, criticisms, and resources pertaining to the past, present, and future goals of Gaian Helmers through Genome Studios.


All the topics will begin with a more idyllic detailing of the vision and intent behind them, however, an objective detailing and criticism will follow along with specific objectives, resources, and arguments for pursuing the direction being lined out.


If you're curious about learning more details about the ongoing and future projects, check out the Projects link.


If you're a studio or creator and want to join Genome Studios in it's pursuit of creative autonomy, please refer to the "Collaboration & Curated Studios" link.


If you're an individual, fan, or small time creator who wishes to support and promote our work (and perhaps learn a bit of strategy for your own work) please refer to the "Fandom & Individual Support" and "Market & Revenue Strategy" links.


If you're a business, organization, sponsor, or investor please refer to the "Market & Revenue Strategy" link.



As described in the introduction of the business plan the Vision of Genome Studios begins with the Genome of creative expression. However, there is far more than Gaian Helmers aspires to reach with Genome Studios. Creative freedom, autonomy, and influence; Independent sustenance; and Fostering growth in infant studios and creators are all addressed in detail.



There are many projects being undertaken in some form or another by Genome Studios. Within the projects page we will detail the current status of all current and planned projects, future goals for ongoing projects, the strength of the work as well as the strengths and weaknesses of pursuing the project in the short term and long term life of Genome Studios.


Collaboration & Curated Studios

Genome Studios will not be able to get anywhere without a collective of dedicated, passionate creators and studios who wish to grow their own projects while critiquing, planning, and supporting each other in a driven and communal environment. Check out this page for detailed information on the vision, plans, resources and steps necessary to become a curated studio with Genome Studios.


Fandom & Individual Support

Are you a fan? Are you an individual passionate about the work that Genome Studios creators are making? This section will have thorough details on how you can support the projects being created both with and without money. Some of the best impact an individual can have is through outreach and engagement and we'll give you all the tools and strategy to have the greatest effect on our viral success!


Market & Revenue Strategy

Within this page will be a thorough analysis of the audience for Genome Studios and it's individual projects. It will detail the market parallels between projects. It will analyze the efficacy of its outreach, topic and content on social media. It will speculate on changes to the current outreach, the potential of new platforms or alternate means of social outreach. It will assess and weigh the various types of monetization and how it reflects on the current state of Genome Studios. Finally it will articulate a thorough strategy to gain revenue through the various avenues of market attention and monetization.