I’ll be taking the Christmas weekend off, so there won’t be any comic released till January. I’ll see everyone then! And perhaps we’ll see who this strange shadowy figure is then!

I’m back from my haitus. Did a lot of thinking and brooding. I’m not ready to call it quits yet but I need to change the schedule. Comic page is coming every Monday for a while, while I get myself together.

I’m sorry to announce that I’ve not been doing to well emotionally lately. I have been incredibly burnt out with Get Rich and have basically just been forcing myself to keep pushing for deadlines and whatnot.

I’m not quitting, but I need to take another hiatus to give myself to explore some other creative things and do something different other than the same old grind.

I’m gunna aim to just take the month off (September) and just have fun doing something else and learning and exploring.

I’m sorry to announce that I wont be able to make Friday’s comic deadline (Aug 19th). I am going camping this weekend and taking care of my responsibilities leading to then has taken far longer than I had anticipated.

Comics will roll out on schedule starting again on Tuesday! (Aug 23rd)

I’m going back to work everyone! Comics will begin again on Tuesday July 5th! I’m also eager to get back into developing the site. Still aiming to launch this year!

Unanimated is entering 2016 mufuckas.