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Brew Journal #2

Cherry Melomelancholy 1/2 GallonTub - Edmonton Cherries 2 cup - Water + top off jug 4 cup - Honey Dash of Salt Pit and macerate cherries in pot. Cook and add Honey. Strain into jug, squeeze out as much liquid from cherries. Return…

Brew Journal #1

Barley Mead #1 1 Gal Barley Water 2 1/3 cup Honey 20 Cardamom Pods (cracked) 1 Apple 29 Raisins --------------- Brew was dry, cardamom added to the dryness.

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The Brothers of Sin – Part 1

*Slosh slosh slosh* The sounds of laboured steps echo across the misty swamp. The sky is gray, so too is the waters. There is very little in sight but the dark silhouettes of reeds and grasses that dare to rise in this forsaken…

Love my ride.

Now that spring has turned it's gunna be so sweet to get my ride all clean and ready to cruise around. If anyone needs any rides after this Friday, I wanna show off!

Something Itches

Something Itches. But you'll never know what.