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Back in action!

I’m back from my haitus. Did a lot of thinking and brooding. I’m not ready to call it quits yet but I need to change the schedule. Comic page is coming every Monday for a while, while I get myself together.

Taking September Off

I’m sorry to announce that I’ve not been doing to well emotionally lately. I have been incredibly burnt out with Get Rich and have basically just been forcing myself to keep pushing for deadlines and whatnot. I’m not quitting, but I need to take another hiatus to give myself to explore some other creative things […]

Delay on Friday.

I’m sorry to announce that I wont be able to make Friday’s comic deadline (Aug 19th). I am going camping this weekend and taking care of my responsibilities leading to then has taken far longer than I had anticipated. Comics will roll out on schedule starting again on Tuesday! (Aug 23rd)

Brew Journal #6

Root Beer Syrup #2 Double Batch 8 cup – Water 5 tbsp – Indian Sarsaparilla 5 tbsp – Jamaican Sarsaparilla 4 tsp – Birch Bark 1 tsp – Fresh Ground Black Pepper 3 1/2 – Anise Star 5 tsp – Vanilla Extract 2 tbsp – Blackstrap Molasses 1/4 tsp – Salt 1/2 tsp – Cinnamon […]

Brew Journal #5

Boil down to 2 cups of liquid. Strain out chunks. Add sugar and boil till liquid thickly coats back of spoon. ————- Notes: Great viscocitsy = mouthfeel Good molases, pepper, sweetness, cloves – cinamon. Needs WAY MORE Sasparilla, Birch bark, touch vanilla. Thoughts how to make it brighter? citrus? notice a desinct metallic note could […]

Brew Journal #4

Root Beer Syrup #1 4 cup – Water 2 tbsp – Indian Sarsaparilla 2 tbsp – Jamaican Sarsaparilla 1 1/2 tsp – Birch Bark 1/2 tsp – Fresh Ground Black Pepper 1 1/2 – Anise Star 2 tsp – Vanilla Extract 1 tbsp – Blackstrap Molasses 1/4 tsp – Salt 1/4 tsp – Cinnamon dash […]

Brew Journal #3

Bloom Mead 4 cup – Honey 1 cup – Bamboo Honey 2 cup – Blueberries 1 tbsp – Rosewater 1 tbsp – Rosemary Touch of Salt ———— Hoon – Barley Base 3 cup – Honey 1 cup – Barley Birch Bark Truffle Vanilla Gold Flakes Pistachio